Monday, October 16, 2017



⨁ (Earth) = Geo-Corps, geographers
  Ѧ (AT) = Geo-Joe [legacy symbol]
     ⚜ (fleur-de-lis) = Jonny, boy scouts
  ⟴ (VIATRIX) = Geo-Jane [legacy symbol, ⨁+⚩]
     ⇴ (viatrix, sm.) = Lana, girl scouts [diminutive form]

⚻ (surveyor's theodolite) = viator/viatrix [land adventurer]
  ⩕ (A+A as mountains) = mountaineer [alpine adventurer]
  ⧭ (black hole) = spelunker [underground adventurer]
  🌋 (volcano) = volcanologists

⛢ (soldier-of-fortune) = The Outsiders, a man-of-action [♂+☉ (gold)]
⚨ (adventuress) = Lara-Jane, a woman-of-action [⛢+⚩]

⎈ (ship's wheel) = navigator/navigatrix [sea adventurer]
  ♆ (trident) = SCUBA team N.E.M.A., oceanographers

⬲ (plane traversing globe) = aviator/aviatrix, R.A.V.A.N. [air adventurer]
  ⬰ (falconer) = drone pilots [diminutive form of ⬲]

⌖ (gunsight) = Earl, hunters
⚴ (spear) = Earlene, huntresses

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adventure Team Drones...?

Here is a cool use for drones in the Adventure Team genre:

AT drones could also be used to send gear to mountaineers and island landing parties...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Adventure Team Plus

In playscale miniaturism, I have encountered three types of Adventure Team type collectors:
  1. Purists: Those who only use Hasbro-brand figures and accessories,
  2. Expansionists: Those willing to include AT knockoff figures and accessories, and
  3. Coed Inclusionists:* Those who will accept any reasonably articulated figure (male or female) who is properly outfitted for the genre. And any accessories from any source that is close enough to to work.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

TUTORIAL: Action Man, the Gloves Come Off!

I purchased my one-and-only Action Man in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the only one available with reasonable articulation had these horrible molded "climbing gloves."

"Action Man" Cliff

Monday, October 14, 2013

HISHE: Indiana Jones...

Adventure Team Gold...?

"Doc" Savage and his Fabulous Five strike me as the prototypical Adventure Team of their day.

Even though I consider Fuzzhead Action Man to be the founder of the international order of Action & Adventure Teams, it seems very likely that their secret investor would be none other than The Hidalgo Trading Co. (That was Doc Savage's company, who made his money from a Mayan gold mine. Could that be why most of the AT's equipment is yellow/gold? Hmmm...)